Copy Trading

Trade smarter with ZuluTrade

Copy trading

ZuluTrade removes emotions from trading and lets you follow top performing forex traders from around the world and copy how they trade. Follow multiple traders and match how they do it.

Comprehensive social media capabilities allow traders to share their knowledge with people who are interested in their strategies and want to profit from them. You choose who you want to follow and monitor their progress with social charts that track their opening and closing positions.

The Trade Wall lets you see the results of trading quickly. And when traders new to ZuluTrade get the hang of it, they get compensated when followers copy them.

Zulu Rank

This is powered by a highly developed algorithm that ranks other traders by analysing their performance. It ranks traders by both their current and historic performance, so you get an accurate view of their capabilities.

With the ranking system in place you can choose to copy traders who may be more aligned to your trading style and volume. The platform is controlled by you alone and leverages the insights of the peer to peer community. However, the ranking system is based on mathematical data and precisely rates the skills of the traders you follow.

Enhanced risk management

Please note past performance is not a guide to future performance.

Stay in control and effectively manage the levels of risk within your account. The Risk Meter lets you set the level of risk that suits your demands and trading style.

For extra security, Zulu Guard is a safety feature that monitors the performance of traders 24/7 and steps in to protect invested capital. And to help you stay informed and make decisions quickly, automated alerts notify you when things happen or automatically executes actions for you.