See how the experts trade copy their trades

What is ZuluTrade?

Follow experts in no time. ZuluTrade removes emotions from trading and lets you follow top performing traders from around the world. Its unique social media capabilities lets users view and copy the trades of successful traders on its platform.

The platform lets you find and rank the world’s most successful traders from a pool of over 100,000. You can execute their trades as they do, but set your own risk parameters.

Find out what it is like to interact with other traders in the largest global trading community. Best of all, you get all of their insights without having to pay hefty performance and management fees to multiple advisors.

At-a-glance: why ZuluTrade makes a difference

Join one of the world’s fastest growing trading platforms and discover how the experts perform as they trade daily.

Copy trading

Copy the trades of the world’s most successful traders and learn from them.

Zulu Rank

Rank multiple traders by their current and historic performance.

Enhanced risk management

Manage levels of risk within your account.

More ways for forex traders to benefit quickly

Not only can you copy the trades of experts for a trading advantage, but you also get an almost unprecedented level of tools to help you trade successfully. Please note past performance is not a guide to future performance.

Monitor multiple traders

Use social charts to view the trades of others.

Live reports

View detailed trader activity using the TradeWall.

Plan effectively

View important economic events using the calendar.

Keep on track

Set up and manage the signal providers that interest you.

Control risk

Control the level of risk you choose to take with the Risk Meter.