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Description Min Spread* Margin Trading Hours (GMT)
100GBP FTSE100 1.5 1% DAILY 06:20 20:00
D30EUR DAX 0.6 1% DAILY 06:00 20:00
E35EUR IBEX 6.6 1% DAILY 07:00 15:30
E50EUR EURSTOXX50 1.6 1% DAILY 06:00 20:00
F40EUR CAC 1.6 1% DAILY 06:00 20:00
200AUD ASX 200 1.6 1% DAILY 23:50 21:00 (FRI 20:45)
225JPY NIKKEI 225 7 1% SUN 23:00 FRI 20:15
H33HKD HANGSENG 10 1% DAILY 01:15 08:15
NASUSD NASDAQ 1.6 1% SUN 22:00 FRI 20:15
SPXUSD S&P 500 3.6 1% SUN 22:00 FRI 20:15
U30USD DOW JONES 2.6 1% SUN 22:00 FRI 20:15

* Minimum spread last updated 02-08-2017

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