Leading low latency trading technology

Trade quicker with a measurable edge

Discover why better technology matters

Trade consistently faster and reliably with the latest technology. Our ultra-low latency trading capabilities make a meaningful difference – and our proprietary bridge technology takes speeds to the next level. Combine these factors with the security and stability of MT4 for complete trading reassurance and transparency.

Ultra-low latency servers

You can’t beat co-located servers – both our trading and liquidity servers are in the same data centre. We’ve developed our own bridge connecting MT4 to our tier one liquidity.

Proprietary bridge technology

To give you that extra edge, we’ve developed our own bridge between the trading software and the underlying liquidity provider. This bespoke tool is optimised for our hosting environment.

Optimised for MT4

Our technology is optimised for the market-leading MT4 platform – by specially trained engineers – for an even better trading experience.

The benefits of a bespoke environment

Most traders use our industry-leading MT4 platform for ECN stability and transparency. Use the device of your choice to gain access, expert advisers (EAs) to free up your time and automate trades, with one-click dealing for easy and quick trading.

Extremely user-friendly with advanced charting tools and indicators, MT4 is ideal for trading in a complex and volatile market.

When you combine MT4 with ultra-low latency trading you get a formidable speed advantage that is secure and reliable. Add our tailored liquidity bridge and you get a bespoke environment that few others can match.